How would your life change if you could achieve whatever you set out to do?
Clear view ahead
Face-to-face, telephone or Skype coaching

When life seems to be hurtling ahead without us and it is hard to catch up, to think clearly and be focused, coaching can help put what is important and what you want into perspective. Coaching can have a powerful and lasting effect if you are:

  • thinking about setting up your own business
  • feeling overwhelmed or lost with all you have to do
  • wanting to have better relationships
  • wishing you were fitter or healthier
  • needing to get control of your finances
  • craving a stable work/life balance
  • facing career or life changes
  • starting a family and wondering about where to go from here

Sessions are goal-focused, and each week works towards achieving specific tasks or actions.

Six one-hour sessions and an initial assessment session at a price of £ 350.

Research quoted by The International Coaching Federation has shown that coaching can increase life satisfaction and improve personal growth.